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K9 detection of memory storage devices is a new and exciting field for both law enforcement and private business. This unique use of a search dog's incredibly sensitive sense of smell allows for the detection and discovery of evidence that may have eluded a traditional investigation or human search. Perhaps the only evidence in a case!

Allow us to assist you in finding hidden electronic devices.




Trent and Cathy Barcroft sharing their incredible story when an event in early 2013 turned their lives around, changing their purpose in life.

Cathy and Trent interviewed by Mark Hyman

With kind permission from Mark Hyman, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.


Lizzie, a specially trained K9

Lizzie after a successful search.

“Lizzie”, our highly trained electronics detection K9, is one of a few such specially trained K9’s in the entire United States. She has undergone months of training and continuing daily exercises. She is now based in north Georgia and able to travel the Southeast to perform searches for Government and private clients.
Lizzie comes from the kennel of Jordan Detection K9’s which was a key part of the investigations and prosecutions of Subway spokesman Jared Fogle and gymnastics coach Marvin Sharp. Both offenders were convicted of serious child exploitation crimes.
Lizzie’s handler, Trent Barcroft, is a certified K9 handler from the Jordan Detection program so the same high standards of investigation apply to the human element as well as canine.


Lizzie and handler Trent Barcroft from Four Legs Forensics

Graduation day. L to R: Erin Jordan, Trent, Lizzie, Todd Jordan.

Trent Barcroft, Four Legs Forensics owner and Lizzie’s handler, came to this field after a 34 year career in the automotive industry, ultimately as CEO of an overseas company. From this background comes a dedication to excellence and an understanding that details matter.
Trent’s wife, Cathy, is a Certified Computer Forensics Examiner. Their mutual interest in the electronics aspect of law enforcement comes after being a victim of crime and dealing with the criminal investigation.
Trent is now dedicated to bringing this new K9 detection technique to law enforcement and serving those who deserve justice.



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What have you missed?

Ensure all evidence is found when executing a search warrant.

Prepare for a successful prosecution by including Four Legs Forensics in your search team to ensure locating every hidden electronics device. Rest assured that confidentiality and protection of case information is our highest priority. We will give you the assurance of the best possible search, only as and when needed, without the budget impact of a full time asset or handler. We offer your agency the ability to locate hidden evidence such as memory storage devices, cell phones, recording devices or cameras that could otherwise be missed. Contact us today to learn how our capability can enhance your agency’s efforts.

Most every criminal activity includes some type of electronics device.

Applications where Four Legs Forensics will assist your agency include the following:

  • Child exploitation
  • Kidnapping
  • Homicide
  • Terrorism
  • White collar crime
  • Parolee supervision
  • Jail security

What can be found?

Examples include...

  • Flash drives or memory sticks
  • SD cards
  • Cell phones / SIM cards
  • Hidden cameras
  • iPads / Tablets
  • Listening / Recording devices
  • Memory chips
  • Mass storage devices
  • Computers / Laptops

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What was hidden that you didn’t even know about?


Whether you are a private corporation, a law firm, a retail shop, or just an individual, Four Legs Forensics can help find what you are looking for when it comes to electronic devices. We will give you the assurance of the best possible search, only as and when needed, with confidentiality always a priority. Contact us to find what hidden devices could be jeopardizing you and your business.


Information security and privacy are two major concerns for your business in today's environment. Four Legs Forensics and our electronic detection K9 can work to detect threats which may have gone unnoticed. Imagine the negative publicity surrounding hidden cameras being placed in your business or public facility? Guard against this type of intrusion with a sweep of sensitive areas such as restrooms, changing facilities or locker rooms. Schools, health clubs, restaurants and retail stores are all subject to this type of avoidable issue. A monthly sweep of your premises will ensure confidence that your business will not end up being featured on the front page of tomorrow's newspaper (and all over social media)!


Security of your proprietary information is a foundation of today's business. Let Four Legs Forensics sweep for recording devices, or help prevent unauthorized copying via memory devices (such as flash drives or external hard drives) leaving your location. Screening of personnel and guests is possible with our specially trained K9 and even the presence of the dog may deter unauthorized attempts to record or steal valuable company information.


With a civil (or legal) case our electronics detection K9 can assist with the discovery of audio and video recording devices but also more importantly help discover electronic memory devices that contain hidden records. Divorce cases often feature hidden assets or behavioral issues requiring exposure. We provide the ability to discover hidden memory storage devices such as thumb drives or SD cards, tablets, cell phones, computers and laptops, which may hold information valuable to your client.